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90 Day Breakthrough

From Burnt Out & Stuck to A Life On Fire With Passion, Purpose, and Adventure!

You’re Likely Here Because…

You’re miserably unhappy and feel trapped in a life or career that is holding you back and don’t know how to change it

Your heart is screaming for more than the life you are currently living

You don’t know how to change your current situation or where to even start

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know how you can keep this up much longer

You have chronic stress and anxiety that is affecting every area of your life

You’re exhausted from lack of sleep due to stress and meditating on your problems at night

Your energy tank is EMPTY

You want to change your life but fear is holding you back

You need help to take the first steps


Let Me Guess…

You don’t know how you’ll keep living like this for even one more day

You live for the weekend and your Sunday is ruined by your dread and stress of the upcoming week

You aren’t doing anything for yourself anymore, you’re merely in survival mode

You reach for external and temporary relief to ease your pain such as bad relationships, eating your feelings, drinking, overspending, etc., but it’s only a temporary high and makes things worse in the long run

You’re sick of society or other people telling you what to do with your life

Your friends/family look at you like you’re crazy when you talk about changing your life and don’t support you

You are filled with fear to make a change but can’t stand to stay in your safety zone any longer

You feel like you need to have it all figured out in order to make a change, a full blueprint



How Would You Feel If…

I told you that a life of purpose and passion is out there waiting for you to grab it?

You had the clarity and direction on HOW to get unstuck and move into the life your soul screams for

You could wake up excited every day because you are doing what you were made to do and making a positive difference in the world because of it?

You had a career that you are passionate about that lights your soul on fire?

You had balance in your life and a new found confidence?

You invest in those things that light your soul on fire instead of external things you used previously to put a bandaid on the pain?

You are surrounded by like minded friends who also live their purpose, who support you and get excited about your dreams and path?

In my 90 Day Breakthrough Program I’m Going To Show You Exactly HOW To go from burnt out & stuck to a life on fire with passion, purpose & adventure.

I have been there and I have gone through my own life transformation. I don’t just talk the talk…I’ve walked the walk!  I will guide you on your path getting you past the confusion and overwhelm to fast track you on your journey.

I’ve lived in a soul sucking career and the misery of my heart screaming for more…while fear, confusion, debt, obstacles, and not knowing how to change things were keeping me STUCK.  Now I’m a business owner in a career that ignites my soul getting to help awesome people like you and I will help you to move into the career of your dreams!

I know what it feels like to cry in the car on the way to work and pray for God to get you through another day.  In this program your tears and fears will turn to hope and clarity on how to change your life.  

I know what it feels like to live a life that is no longer in alignment with you and I will show you HOW to get aligned and connected with your path, purpose, and passions.

I went from miserable and stuck to hopeful and excited and so will YOU!

I now have TRUE FREEDOM!  Freedom to be who God made me to be without worrying about impressing other people or trying to “fit in” to society’s expectations.   This program will provide you with the tools to experience this same breakthrough.

I will provide you with the guidance that WORKS.  These are tools that I have self tested on my own journey that will fast track you on your journey skipping all the trial, error and confusion.

You won’t be alone. Instead you will have someone who walked the walk who is determined, dedicated, and passionate about walking with you and guiding you as you get on your path and into the life you will wake up excited about!


“Like so many others, I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t find my way out.  I knew I wanted (needed) change but wasn’t certain how to go about it.  Until I met Denise.  I had looked into other coaches and found many claimed to have the answers; while never trying it themselves.  In other words, they were pushing something that they hadn’t actually experienced.  Denise never talks about things she thinks will work, she speaks from her heart and her experience, and teaches you things she’s done and KNOWS it will work.  Thank you, Denise, for helping to guide me on my new journey to freedom.”

Ralph Keith

“If you feel like you need a life transformation coach, I would recommend reaching out to Denise.  She has experienced so much in this lifetime and she can guide you through your transformation as she has done with me.  I do not feel the burden of everyday life anymore, I feel the excitement of where it will lead me and the steps I will take to get there!”

Heather Sepulveda


Nell Smith

“Denise keeps it real!  She will tell it like it is…and it was up to me to look in the mirror and be honest about the mediocre yet comfortable rut I was drifting in.  Change is scary and Denise will tell you from her own experience how challenging it can be….yet how mind-blowing it can be once you commit to moving down the path to true happiness. She walked side-by-side with me….helped me continue down my path even though I wanted to turn back or deviate because it seemed easier…she helped me stay strong and got me to a new level.  Thank you Denise (from the heart!)”

Alan Walls



“Denise is very smart, dedicated, passionate and thorough.  I have learned so much from her!!”

Denise Kirshenbaum


 “Denise is a genuinely caring individual who shares from her heart.  She has a way of infusing positivity into conversations and has lots of positive resource recommendations to offer.  If you are looking for change and are open to trying something new, Denise is your best coach choice.”

Melissa Doyle-Cassidy

This 90 Day Program Is For You If…


You need help with a personalized action plan for your unique situation

You want clarity on your path and direction

You’re ready to calm the chaos and create balance

You’re ready to identify and remove obstacles holding you back

You want to get connected to your true inner compass and out of your brain

You need guidance to discover your purpose

You’re ready to discover your unique gifts and passions

If You Are Ready To…

Work with a coach who’s been there, walk with you step by step on your journey to provide you guidance, tools, confidence, and support to fast track you to your passion, your purpose, and the adventure of your life

Experience true freedom to live from your heart

Have a career that lights your soul on fire

Wake up every morning EXCITED about your life

Have a new found confidence in your journey and no longer be driven by what others think or their opinions of your life choices

Remove all those obstacles that have been holding you back so that you are attracting the RIGHT things in your life that love and support you

then i invite you to join me in this transformational 90 day breakthrough program

In this powerful, full immersion 1:1 coaching program, we will get focused on YOUR personal journey, remove the roadblocks holding you back, get you clear on your purpose and your action steps to start moving toward the awesome life you were made for!

I will teach you what to do and what NOT to do to keep you from walking in circles and get you straight on your path without confusion.

I will be dedicated to your journey, support you, guide you in your decisions, and get you through the scary uncertainties that come up for you.  You will never be alone!

I will get you connected to your heart and out of your head in order to calm the chaos so that you can move with peace on your God given journey.

Aren’t sure of your purpose or your passions?   Don’t worry we will get you clear and have a GREAT time doing it!





            • A 90 day results driven coaching program
            • (12) 1:1 coaching sessions (weekly) with me on Zoom or by Phone (your preference)
            • Copies of recorded 1:1 sessions emailed to you (if done on Zoom)
            • 12 weeks of direct email access support with me so that we can follow up between 1:1 sessions to make sure all is going well with your journey
            • FREE lifetime access to my online course “Getting Started With Getting Unstuck”
            • Resources sent to you based on your personal path 


In Just 90 Days


You’ll have clarity, direction and a plan for your new path.

You’ll be taking action towards the life you were meant to live and no longer stuck in a life that is no longer serving you.

You’ll know who you are at your core, what you stand for, and what matters to you.

You’ll have a new awareness of obstacles and mindsets that hold you back and obtain the tools to shift towards the things that support your journey.

You’ll go from burnt out, frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted, lost, and confused to excited, fulfilled, passionate, and on fire for your new adventure!

You’ll find your passions and the things that ignite your soul.

Instead of waking up not knowing how you’ll make it through another day, you’ll wake up excited about the direction you’re going knowing you have what it takes to make your dreams a reality.




Imagine for a moment how it would feel to…

Have hope and excitement about your future!

Be clear on action steps and how to make your dreams a reality

Have happiness, peace, and balance in your life instead of chronic stress and anxiety

Be free of what everyone else tells you you’re “supposed” to do with your life

Kick fear and lack of confidence to the curb and move forward powerfully

Leave a soul-sucking job

Wake up excited and passionate about your life and your choices

Live BIG and FULL HEARTEDLY trusting in your path courageously

I’ll Leave You With This…

You can continue down the path of what society, your friends, or your family tell you that you “should” do, living every day in chronic stress that seeps into every area of your life leaving you miserable, overwhelmed and hopeless…

Your life won’t change it will stay the same with you getting more and more miserable.  I know I’ve lived it.

You’ll keep running on the hamster wheel trying to do “all the things” that are expected of you while ignoring what your heart is screaming for.

You’ll remain disconnected from your purpose and the path that God made specifically for you to take unless to choose to take that adventure of your life.

You’re dreams will remain just that…dreams.   You will have a life unlived.

When we don’t live our purpose in the world we aren’t just hurting ourselves.  Each of us have been given gifts that only WE can give to the world.   When we don’t give those gifts, all the people we were meant to impact never get that message that could have change their lives by YOU living in your purpose.

You have the choice to change your destiny.   If you want your life to be different, you are going to have to make different choices and new actions.   You will need to be intentional about making this change and you will need to CHOOSE your God given life path if you want to live a happy life full of passion, purpose and adventure.


Don’t stay stuck.  Pursue your dreams, be determined to go for that new life.

Take my hand and let’s go.  I’ve got you!





I understand EXACTLY how you feel because this is what I felt as well when I started.  In this program we will focus on removing those obstacles, and YES, they are removable.



No problem, that is what this program is for…to get you to where you need to be and create a plan to get you moving forward.  We will go through discovery of your passions and how to connect to them in order to find your purpose.   We will be doing a deep dive to get you connected and to understand who you are at your deepest levels.  



This is the biggest mistake people make…saying “someday I’ll make the change”…”Someday I’ll do it”.    There will always be obstacles and circumstances will never be perfect.  There will never be “the perfect time”.   30 years will pass and you’ll wonder where the time went.   THE TIME IS NOW.   You don’t have to make a major life shift immediately but you can start taking action steps and getting yourself on that path NOW…you will get you there much quicker than you think.   Every moment you delay is another day lost in what could be an amazing life.



Fear is a monster and we ALL experience it.   Whenever our hearts speak our brain will follow up with all the “what ifs” and “yeah butts” because the brain works in survival mode.   Fear is the #1 reason people stay stuck and never live the life of their dreams.  However, your heart knows your path.  It knows the outcome.  It’s a walk of faith and trust which means continuing to move forward while feeling fear.   In my program I am RIGHT THERE with you holding your hand as you walk through these obstacles.  You will never be alone.  I’ve been on this journey myself and I know all the emotions, fears, and uncertainties that are going to come your way.   I will help you to get control of those and to keep your focus in the RIGHT place.



This is a VERY common feeling.  We are so blessed to have what we have, but NO, it’s not selfish to follow your heart.   If your heart is calling for more or if you are miserable in the current place you are and feel guilty for wanting something that lights you up inside…let that go my friend!   If you are out of alignment with your purpose and your path you will become miserable on purpose because God is pushing you in a new direction.   He starts doing it gently but the longer you ignore it the more miserable and unsettled you will become.   We are all put on earth with a purpose in our hearts.   Things that may have worked for awhile may no longer be working.   There is nothing wrong with you!   Your heart is trying to lead you somewhere new and it would only be selfish for you to NOT follow that path because you will show up as the best version of yourself in the world when you follow your heart.



When you look at the big picture it does seem very overwhelming to make a life change.  That is the biggest mistake we make when we are at that breaking point…we think we need to have it all figured out!   Here’s the good news, we don’t!   Our only job is to take one action step at a time towards what our heart is leading us towards.   We have to get out of our head and into our heart so that it can guide us on each step.   In my program we walk through this together.   I show you how to remove the overwhelm and replace it with clear actions steps to move forward.   Each action step you take you will have a new breakthrough and that excitement keeps propelling you forward!



This is a REALLY difficult part about changing your life.   Remember that only YOU can hear the call of your heart which means other people don’t get it or understand it.   The heart can call us to do some pretty crazy things that freak other people out.   BUT your heart knows the way.   Something like this can scare people because it’s uncomfortable to THEM.   What they are doing is putting their fears back on you.  It’s not about you, it’s about them.   Once you do follow your heart and get on your path those same people who poo poo’d your dreams will be asking how you did it so that they can do it too!  I too went through this on my journey and understand how frustrating it can be.  In my program we will deal with this situation head on and you will have a coach who IS for you and who DOES get you and who will be cheering you on the whole way! 


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