Do you find yourself feeling down and unmotivated?   Or worse, depressed, stressed out, and miserable? Maybe you’ve lost your excitement for life?   It feels like all you do is work and try to get endless lists completed which leaves you exhausted at the end of the day?   Do you spend Sunday dreading Monday?


If you can say yes to any of these (or all of these) then you aren’t living from your heart.   You’re living from your head.


Our head is our survival mechanism and if we are doing mundane things because we feel like we have to and working a job that we don’t love…we are living in survival/safety mode.   Survival mode will keep you alive, but it certainly won’t keep you happy. Trust me I know…I lived there for many years.


“There’s a distinction between easy and difficult…if we do what’s easy (staying in the safe zone) life becomes difficult (because we’re out of alignment with what our heart wants) but if we get out of our safe zone and do what’s difficult (taking the leap) life will be easy.”  


The reason we feel miserable is because we’ve been trained to listen to our brains.   We no longer know how to hear our hearts and we are so worried about doing what society has told us we are supposed to do…and feeling so much pressure to make a certain amount of money, to climb the corporate ladder, or to keep up with the Jones’, that we are full of stress and pressure striving to be something someone else created for us.   With that, we are completely out of alignment with who we were made to be.


Do you want society to tell you what your life will be?   Or do you want to be your true authentic self? The one you were MADE to be that you continue to deny?


When you live from your heart, life is an adventure.   Your heart shows you your destiny, it guides your path.   Your job is to trust it no matter if it makes sense or not.  


Life will become exciting and you’ll feel passionate about things that matter to you.   Don’t you want to be excited about the day when you wake up in the morning? Do you want to work in a job that matters to you and doesn’t even feel like a job because you enjoy it so much?  


Your heart will lead you to these things if you let go of fear and hold on to faith and trust in your path.


“If you are working on something you care about, you don’t have to be pushed.  The vision pulls you.”   – Steve Jobs


Here’s a caution to you.  When you start talking about dreams you have, you can count on many people to laugh at you and tell you it’s not possible or that you’re crazy.   I know because I’ve been there.


The reason for this is that your dreams are YOUR OWN.   Only you feel them because they are from your heart.   No one else feels what you do and you have to learn to live from your heart’s leading and not by other people’s opinions.   


Be ok with people judging you or disagreeing….or thinking you’re nuts!   It’s fun in the end when you have taken the leap and everyone who laughed at you, now is impressed by your boldness to live big!  


On the flip side, always remember this when others share their dreams with you.  Remember their dreams are theirs and your support will help them on their path no matter if you understand it or not.


The best part is that when you are in alignment with who you were meant to be, that is when you start to spread love, joy, happiness.   You will start to connect with others who are like minded. You won’t be cranky and stressed because you won’t be inside your head anymore!


The world NEEDS YOU to be who you were meant to be!   There is only one you and if you do not give the world the special gift that only YOU have, then we all miss out.


So PLEASE for all of our sakes…BE YOU and give us your gift!


For easy steps on how to connect with yourself and hear your dreams, visit my blog post on following your dreams:


Start your amazing life…




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