If I asked how you feel inside, what would you say?


In today’s society we are trained to live super busy lives, juggling a million things, and trying to survive the day.  Most times when we do have downtime we find more busy things to do. We are chronically distracted.


You know what busy does?   Busy keeps us in our heads.  It stops us from connecting to ourselves.   It keeps our pain, our demons, our damage…buried inside of us.   Left buried, it will continue to control our lives and make us act in ways that aren’t true to who we are.


You know what’s inside of us?   Our primal instinct. Primal instinct is what we’re born with.   God has created us with an internal compass and guidance system.


Look at wild animals…do they run around frantic just trying to keep themselves busy?   Do they look confused like they can’t make a decision? Do they overeat and get fat? Do they stockpile a bunch of things they don’t need because they are trying to medicate the chaos in their heads?   


No!  Because they are 100% in tune with their instincts.   They follow their instincts, not their brains.


Most of my life I’ve used the term “gut feeling”.   This is my primal instinct. I consider myself lucky…I learned to tune into mine from a very young age.


The reason I was able to tune into mine is because I grew up way out in the mountains on 35 acres, no one around for miles, and the nearest grocery store was 45 minutes away.   


We were never allowed to be in the house during the day and we were never allowed to watch TV.   If we weren’t working the property then we had to go find something to do. I learned to get creative and entertain myself in the quiet.


Starting at 5 years old I would go wander around in the mountains by myself.  I spent a lot of time alone and that’s where God met me. As a child I was fully connected to my soul, my compass, my guidance.   That’s how I learned to live.


My parents divorced and at 11 years old my mom took me to the Bay Area.   Imagine the huge change for me! Everything shifted. The quiet was gone, my dad was left behind, I was in this new noisy world and like all humans, I learned to adapt.  


The noise started stealing my quiet.   That constant connection to myself and God started fading.


As I became an adult, had my own child, and started working in corporate…I fell into the normal American way of burying emotions, sucking it up, and living in chaos just trying to survive this thing called life.  But there was always this deep calling in my soul begging me to reconnect.


I started finding external things to fill the void.   To self medicate, to try to calm that pull inside of me.   Most of us do this.


We get addicted to things, we buy things, we overeat, we do things in abundance trying to fill that open hole in our soul.   We lose our balance and it’s a never ending hamster wheel ride.  


Yet, all along you have this feeling that there has got to be something more, something better.  You just don’t know how to get to it.


Unfortunately, until you step away from all that distracts and start connecting to things that make you come alive, that make you evolve, that awaken you…you will never get off that hamster wheel.


We need quiet.   God didn’t make us to live in chaos.   I know this first hand. I’ve seen the huge difference between a life living from within myself and a chaotic life where a frantic brain runs the show.   I’m tired of the chaos, how about you?


Now is a time where the world is shifting.   Change is happening. We’re all tired of working ourselves into the ground and feeling lost, trapped, tormented.  People are more unhappy than ever and you can clearly see that by the anger and hate on social media. People are taking out their misery on other people!  We are self destructing.


It’s time for change.


We want to find our way out of this mess.   We know we were made for more. We can feel our souls begging us to listen.  Are you ready to listen?


As I write this we are all under a “Shelter in Place” order.   All stores have closed other than those who provide us essentials.   We aren’t allowed to be within 6 feet of any one else. We are all feeling “trapped” at home.


I believe there is a bigger movement happening right now.   Things are being shook up. God is calling us to SLOW DOWN.   He is calling us to reconnect with hearts, our families, to Him, and to our life’s purpose that has been patiently waiting in the background.   




Right now is the time to get quiet.   To go on walks alone and to just let your heart talk.   Now is the time to reconnect to your soul and to hear your inner compass.


It’s not the time to complain about being stuck at home and spend endless hours on social media.   It’s time to get your focus off what you CAN’T do and shift your focus to what you CAN do.   


It’s time to work your creative muscles that are so out of shape!


Make a list of all the things you would do if there were no obstacles. 


Get to know yourself and your dreams.


Decide what small actions steps you can take to start moving towards your dreams.


Take up new hobbies that you’ve always wanted to try.


Take an online course on finding purpose.


Read inspiring books.   


Take 30 minutes a day to just sit still and be quiet.


Walk barefoot in your yard and connect to the earth.


Take lots of walks with your dog.


Do fun creative things with your kids.


Turn off the TV’s and put down the phones.   Get primal! Connect to your inner compass, conquer your demons, get the skeletons out of your closet, and let yourself actually FEEL something.    


What do you REALLY want?   Who do you want to be? What are your dreams?


If you let it, your God given instinct, your compass…will guide you every step of the way.   Choose to hear it, make room for it, let it take you on the adventure of your life!!


“Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Much Love,


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