I don’t think I’m alone when I say I lost someone this year. Have you suffered a loss recently? If so, I’m right here with you and send you the biggest hug filled with love and hope.


I lost my dad unexpectedly on August 1st from a simple surgery that had a 1% chance of going wrong. My dad was the only family I had in my life. He was my hero. I don’t quite know how to navigate through the rest of my life without him.


I sit here tonight at his house going through things, prepping to pack up his house and sell it. The house where he’s lived for the last 36 years in the town I grew up in. So many memories flow. I’m sitting in his chair which will go home with me. Have you been there?


There is such a roller coaster of emotions that we go through. Trying to make sense of it all. My faith in God has gotten me through knowing my dad is in an amazing place and while I celebrate for him, I hurt. I hurt so deeply on so many levels and in ways I’ve never experienced before.


I’m so thankful my last words were “I Love You”. You may have not had that chance. So many times people are taken from us unexpectedly and we don’t get to say goodbye.


Are you a person of faith? Are you able to be at peace with God’s timing? Or are you in turmoil feeling like it shouldn’t have happened? Are you angry at God?


The emotions certainly run wild and out of control don’t they? Death HURTS DEEPLY beyond our control. It consumes us.


I know we all have an expiration date and this was my dads. It was his time, it wasn’t an accident. God’s plan didn’t include additional time for us.


I can see so clearly how God adjusted my life this year in preparation for what was to come. I said multiple times to close friends that I felt something big and tough was about to happen…but I never thought it would be my dad.


My dad didn’t have a funeral but instead a celebration of life. Myself, family and friends shared funny memories, stories, laughs and tears. My dad is in heaven and we celebrate his life and his pure peace that he has now. It’s not the end, I get to see him again and I look forward to that.


I encourage you to look at your loved one’s life and embrace the good moments. Remember those funny, quirky, goofy things they did. Remember them laughing. Cherish them by living a life full of passion to the fullest…never taking a single precious day of life for granted. That is what they would want for you.


And until we meet again, we can miss them and remember them every single day.


To those of you who have lost someone I send you all my love and support. You aren’t alone, we’re all in this together.


And for my dad…I love you and I know you will be with me on the rest of my journey smiling as we road trip together.


Much Love,