As we move into a new year, we start to look back at what went right…what went wrong in the previous year.   Are we happy? Are we not? What do we want to do better next year?   What do we want to accomplish?


What is your yearly ritual?   Do you have one? If so, does it work for you?


I’m going to give you a couple new ideas for this year that have worked for me and many others.  They will help you to accomplish your goals instead of giving up because they were too heavy and then feeling down on yourself for not sticking to them.


The reason why so many people give up on their goals by the end of February is because they set these huge goals that become too much to maintain.


The key is to take small manageable steps towards your big goal.  We’ll cover this more in a bit.


First I want you to sit down and really connect with yourself.   Before anything else just get quiet. Take some deep breaths, get out of your head and let your heart talk to you for a few minutes.   Let go of logic and just think about what you would do if money, time, circumstances, etc., were not in play. Go ahead, let your dreams run wild!


Now write them all down.   How do you feel when you think about doing all those wonderful things that light you up?   Amazing right?


But then your brain will jump in and tell you all the reasons why you cannot do those things, why they aren’t reasonable, that everyone will think you’re dumb, you can’t afford it, and the list goes on.  


These are called limiting thoughts/mindsets and they are what holds you back.  


Don’t worry everyone’s brain does this.  It’s a survival mechanism. This is why we have to listen to our hearts and our instincts, not our limitations from our brains!   We are not running from bears or in a war, so our brains have to be controlled.


The other part of the problem is we try to figure out how to do the thing we want all at once with what we currently have.   We think we need a plan. We don’t.


We need to take action towards our dreams, not have them all figured out and jump into them right this minute.  It’s a process.


Below are 2 ways to simplify your goals and make them doable:


1. Bite Sized Chunks

We usually set goals that look something like this:

  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Go to the gym 6 days a week
  • Eat 1500 calories a day
  • Go Vegan
  • Change careers
  • Start running 6 days a week

We set these BIG goals that are so far off from where we are currently that they become overwhelming and we can’t maintain them.


The key is bite sized chunks.


Instead of setting a goal to lose 50 pounds.   Set a goal to lose 5 pounds. Once you have lost 5 pounds.  Set another 5 pound goal. This works because it’s not so big!   You get a reward much quicker because you set small goals. As you accomplish each 5 pounds you are excited and proud of yourself instead of stressed out because you still have 45 more pounds to go.   


Instead of setting a goal to go to the gym or run 6 days a week, make a goal to go 2 times and then on the other days to just move more.  Take short walks throughout the day and if you sit at a desk all day set an alarm to get up and walk around every hour. You can add more movement to your day which is going to help you feel better and it’s doable.   Once you’ve accomplished that goal and are ready to step it up, set a new small doable goal.


Instead of setting a goal to completely change your eating, give up meat, go on a fad diet, etc., make a goal to implement small changes.  Instead of giving up meat completely, make a goal to only eat it 3 days a week instead. Instead of setting a restrictive calorie goal, decide to remove certain foods from your diet such as no more soda, or eat less sugar, eat a healthy breakfast every morning, pay more attention to the food choices you are making, etc.   Make it doable! Once you have that down you can add more small goals and before you know it you will be on track.  


The thing is that change does not happen overnight.  It’s not a quick fix and we need to start taking small steps that are achievable in order to get to the big goal.   


I have used this method for the last 15 years and it’s extremely effective!   


2. Kyleigo (Visualization Technique)

I know what you are thinking…what the heck is a Kyleigo????


If you have never heard of Kyle Cease you have to check him out.   He is a former comedian turned Transformational Speaker. He is all about getting out of your head and living from your heart.   He’s also very weird and funny. His message is big and powerful.  He has two great books out, I will add links to them at the bottom of this post if you are interested.


Kyleigo is a method that Kyle and his comedian friend Diego came up with one day when they were driving.   It’s insanely effective!


Here’s how it works.   Pick a situation in your life or a dream that you want to work towards.   


Now pick a time frame…say 6 months from now.


Sit down and envision how you would like it all to work out and pretend it’s 6 months from now.  Then say it out loud (you might want to do this in a private place). 🙂

Scenario:   Let’s say I’m currently an accountant and I want to be a zoo keeper.   It’s my dream and today I’m going to start working on it. I’m going to make up a positive outcome for  how I want things to be in 6 months from now:



“6 months ago I took action.   I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a zoo keeper so I started by volunteering at the zoo on the weekends.  It was SO fulfilling and exciting. I got to know the zoo staff and started asking questions on steps to becoming a zoo keeper.   They were so helpful and offered to do “shadow” sessions where I was slowly introduced to the animals in a safe environment and given instruction on how to work with them, training techniques, and safety tips.   Each day at the zoo my soul felt ALIVE! VIBRANT! FULFILLED! I was so excited to start each and every day. I felt healthier because I was moving around instead of sitting at a desk and the time would fly by because I was enjoying myself so much.   I took advantage of every opportunity to learn and also took some online courses and did my own research. The zoo staff saw my passion with shadowing the zoo keepers and agreed to put me into a program to become a zoo keeper myself. They also gave me a paid position within the zoo!  Once I completed the training I was offered an assistant zoo keeper position, I quit my accounting job and I am now living my DREAM! I’m so excited about life, I wake up excited for the day and my next goal is to move from an assistant zoo keeper to a zoo keeper! I work towards that goal every day and consistently take action towards that goal. I can’t believe my dreams are coming true.”


Sounds a little wild but do you see how you created your outcome?


When you do this and say it out loud, your brain believes it as truth.  It doesn’t realize that this hasn’t really happened yet. It stops fighting your dream and stops limiting you.   TRY IT! Do it regularly.   


You can do 6 months from now, a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now.   You pick.   


Create your outcome with dreams and excitement.   It will also get you motivated to start taking action.


Let’s make 2020 a year of action…not limitations!   Look at small steps you can start taking now that are doable and you will be surprised how quickly things start to shift in your life.   


Don’t wait, start NOW!   Go get your dreams!


“Be Fearless In Your Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire” – Unknown


Much Love,


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