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What is My Purpose?

3 Steps To Finding Your Path in Life...

Are you one of those people who have known what they wanted to do with their life since they were a kid?   Sing? Dance? Fly a plane? Become an artist? Travel the World? Inspire people? Maybe live a life of freedom on the road with endless adventure?    


Or are you like me and even in adulthood aren’t really sure what your dream is?   You have things you love but can’t really pinpoint what your “thing” is. How do you find it?    


This is how I found my path:


Look back at your childhood.   That is when you were completely you.   The sky was the limit and we dreamed big.   The world hadn’t damaged us yet. What did you love to do as a child?  What was your personality like? Were you quiet and introverted? Did you love using your brain and reading?   Were you active and adventurous? Or were you an outgoing leader?  


I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains 45 minutes from a grocery store or town.   It was the place that formed me as a person. I was always quiet, shy, and thoughtful.   I cared about people and animals. I loved roaming around the mountains by myself with my dog.  I was daring and adventurous. I loved riding my bike off jumps and taking my Barbie swimming in mud puddles.   I played with trucks and build roads in the dirt.   


I wasn’t allowed to be indoors during the day so I learned to entertain myself in the great outdoors and I’m so thankful for that.    


As I got older I typically had one best friend that I did everything with and then my friends in classes at school.   I never had a desire to be popular or cared too much about what people thought. I liked anyone who was nice to me and cared a lot about people’s feelings.   They always felt comfortable talking to me and I loved helping and being there for them. I was always drawn to the outcasts, I wasn’t ok with people being treated badly or feeling alone.  


In my early 20’s I knew I wanted to be a counselor.   I wanted to help people. It’s always bothered me deeply when people are hurting.   I had felt a lot of hurt in my childhood and I didn’t want anyone else to ever feel that way.   We can always use our pain to help others.


But, I was a single mom and was already working full time building a corporate career.   My son was in school and childcare longer than I wanted already. I wasn’t willing to spend my nights in college because my time with my son was more important to me.   I was doing well in the corporate world even though I didn’t love it, so I decided to sacrifice my career happiness for quality time with my son and I wouldn’t change that decision for the world.   


But as soon as my son was grown and moved out on his own…my world shifted.   It’s like the Universe said “Ok, the corporate world suited you while your purpose was raising your son, but now it’s time to follow your new purpose and suffering is going to get you there”.


Why do we always have to suffer to grow?   Unfortunately, because suffering is what changes us and takes us to a new stronger level.  The best way to look at suffering is to embrace it and say “Cool! I’m about to grow and become more awesome!”  Yeah I know that’s hard but it’s actually the truth. As I always say…embrace the suck. 😉


For me suffering came when I made the decision to change my life and follow what my heart wanted.   Suffering also comes to push us in the right direction. All the things that I was supposed to move away from became very miserable.   Those were also things I was holding on to out of fear and safety.


“When suffering happens, it forces us to confront life in a different way than we normally do.”  – Philip Yancey


Here is a tip for you…the more you hold onto those things that you are supposed to let go of and the more you resist, the harder the suffering becomes.   The Universe is going to push you towards where you need to be and until you do it, your suffering will increase. I held on longer than I should have and as I look back I wish I would have just listened.  It would have saved a lot of stress and pain.


“Suffering is a corrective to point out a lesson which by other means we have failed to grasp, and never can it be eradicated until that lesson is learned.”  – Edward Bach


Here are 3 steps that will guide you into your purpose and path in life:


Step 1:  

Look back to your childhood – Like I did above, look at what you loved as a child.   Remember what your personality was like. Were you outgoing with lots of friends?   Were you more quiet and shy? Were you adventurous or timid and scared to try new things?   What did you like to do?   When you played make believe, what were you doing?  Dig into your personality. Write these down.


Step 2:  

Look at yourself now – What excites you?   What are you passionate about?   It can be simple like organizing things, gardening, decorating, painting, working with your hands, reading, writing, hiking, kayaking, running, spending time in nature, etc.   Pay attention to what you’re drawn to.   


Don’t look at limitations because in truth there are none.  You make time for what’s most important to you. Stop putting things you enjoy on the back burner because it’s these very things that will lead you down your path to who you are and bring about joy in your life.


Step 3:  

Start doing these things that bring you joy – Every single day deliberately do something you love.   I know our days get busy but schedule it in and stick to it.   Trust me this is SO important in your journey and it will shift your mindset each day.   Doing things we love shifts us from our brains to our hearts.  It’s our hearts that gently guide us down our path.   It provides next steps, ideas, and as you follow those leadings…you will continually find your purpose.   


Most importantly, we are inspired when we do things we love.   We connect to our hearts and we feel energized and excited about life again.    Ideas flow.   


Speaking of ideas flowing, for me my happy place is on the trail and being outdoors.   I try to do it daily if not multiple times in a day. When I’m there my problems all melt away, my brain shuts up and my heart starts speaking.   It starts throwing ideas at me and giving me guidance.  


I STRONGLY encourage you to immediately take note of anything that comes to your mind.    Those are bits of encouragement and guidance. I use my recorder on my phone when I’m out and about so that I don’t forget because trust me, you’ll forget!   I always think I’ll remember but I don’t. I’ve learned to take those and get them either recorded or in writing immediately. Don’t let yourself lose these important pieces of guidance.


This post is Part 1 of a 3 part series so I’m going to leave you with these 3 steps for now.   My next blog post will go deeper. We’ll talk about what’s NOT working in our lives and how to start shifting away from those things so that you can get on your path.


So, start working on the 3 steps above over the next week.   We’ll move on to next steps in the next post but you need to start here.   Do the prep work above and not just over the next week, you need to be making these steps a habit in your life.   You want to continually be looking at your tendencies, your personality traits, things you love…and implementing those things into your life.   These are going to lead you but YOU MUST DO THE WORK. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. It won’t just magically happen. Be deliberate and intentional. Go for it!!


“The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.”  

– Tony Robbins


Have a blessed week!


Much love,


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