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I am a girl who lives from the heart and I love working with people who are sick of settling for the mundane, who want to live a joyful life, who are ready and willing to do the work, and prepared to step out of their fears and trust their hearts.

Life change is scary when you’ve been living in your comfort zone.  You may be surrounded with people who think you’re crazy for wanting something more and going outside “the norm”.    I’ve been there and I will be there for YOU.

When being coached by me, I am going to be honest and compassionate.  You will feel fully listened to and understood.  We will get you clear on your direction, get you connected to your heart and passions, heal your wounds from the past, shift your mindsets, and get you out of your comfort zone and past your fears so that you can move forward into your purpose and experience true passion and excitement about your life.

Fear always kicks in when you’re about to go into the unknown but if you’re willing to move forward in fear and trust the process you will start the most incredible adventure of your life!

I would LOVE to support you on your journey!



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Denise is a genuinely caring individual who shares from her heart. She has a way of infusing positivity into conversations and has lots of positive resource recommendations to offer. If you are looking for change and are open to trying something new, Denise is your best coach choice.”

Melissa Cassidy-Doyle

Windsor ON, Canada

“Denise is very smart, dedicated, passionate and thorough.  I have learned so much from her!!”

Denise Kirshenbaum

Chicago, IL

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Denise for a very long time.  I have seen what she has gone through in her lifetime and I must say that she follows her heart daily.  She has so much to offer this world and I am glad to be a part of hers!”

Heather Sepulveda

Manteca, CA

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