Making a life change is no joke.   It’s one thing to dream about a different life but to take the leap is a whole other beast.


The beast is FEAR.  This is where most people will give up.


First our heart speaks and we have this exhilaration of excitement of how incredible life could be.   THEN, our brain kicks in and fills us with fear.   We think about every single thing that could go wrong.


The thing is, there is an evil force in this world working to defeat us through our minds.   It tells us we are not good enough, that we aren’t smart enough, that we will fail, that no one will like us.   This evil voice tears us down and discourages us through fear, anxiety, lack of self worth, and panic.


When you find the voice of your heart (God) and you are pulled to follow it, the evil will attack with full force to stop you from doing good and living on God’s path he created special for YOU.    That is why immediately after you get an exciting calling from your heart…your mind follows with all the reasons why you can NOT do it.


 I’m a pretty daring person and I’ve taken a lot of risks in my life that other people told me were insane.  But when it came to fully taking that leap into my dream life, I kept making excuses or pushing it out a little further even though that is the complete opposite of what my heart wanted.


I kept holding on to what I perceived as SAFETY.


The truth is the longer we listen to the panic of our brains the longer we remain stuck.


Following your heart and following your life path has no road map.  It requires faith.   That’s HARD!!   We all want a plan right?   But when you follow what your heart is leading you to do, the next step is revealed.   It doesn’t just happen all at once.


Once you start playing with this awesome adventure, you will find that the Universe starts working with you and not against you.   Doors will open, you will be given favor with people, money just shows up out of the most random places.


The cool part is there are no limitations.   Nothing follows human logic.   Things just work in your favor as you stick to the course.


I’ve been there.   I get the fear and I get being scared to death of everything that can go wrong.   But you don’t have to take a big scary leap from the get go.   Start with small steps towards what your heart is pulling you towards.   It will give you a chance to slowly build up trust in the process.


There have been times in my life where I just dove right into the unknown.   I can be crazy like that.   I can tell you that NEVER ONCE did everything fall apart.   The Universe always caught me before I fell.


But when it came to the BIG ONE…which was to start my own internet business and quit my soul sucking corporate job…it was a different story.    I took baby steps.


It’s been an 8 year process to even figure out that I was supposed to start my own business and what that business would be.


But I kept moving forward following those smaller callings of my heart.   Those are what led me through what I needed to learn, clues to what I was good at, views of what I loved to do, and things I needed to change in my life.


THEN….the bigger picture started to be revealed.   That’s when I moved towards the bigger goal but still one step at a time.  I had to work through my fears and insecurities and just do things afraid!   That is where my largest growth happened.


The thing is, as long as you keep making progress forward, you are on your way!  It’s going to get scary…keep going.   That is where the big amazing change happens.


If you have an adventurous soul like I do, think of the process as an adventure because that is truly what it is.   It’s like a fun scavenger hunt with God where you have to take certain steps to get to the next clue.   It’s fun!


The best part is when you look back at all that’s happened and your eyes fill with tears in AWE of the magic that has occurred.


Still scared of change?   If you are it’s OK!   Most people are so you are NORMAL.


The key is to shift your mindset to look at all the amazing possibilities that could come your way instead of focusing on all the things that could go wrong.


“Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!”  – Dr. Seuss


Go find your adventure!



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